Spredd.it is full of great features to help you manage your Spredd.it links and empower your Twitter exposure. Below are some of the highlights of the features we offer.

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Aggregated Statistics

Statistics! Statistics! Statistics! In order to better understand your audience, Spredd.it provides aggregate statistics for every generation a user creates. We keep track of detailed information such as the amount clicks a particular generation receives, its Tweet-Through-Rate (TTR),demographic information pertaining to the people that clicked the link, and others. With detailed reports, it's easy to keep track of trends, spikes, and conversion rates.

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Click statistics are great, but knowing where your generation's followers are coming from is also important. With demographical information, it can help you decide whether your Tweet should be in another language, or help you decide which countries you should target for say, Twitter contests or special deals.

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TTR - Tweet Through Rate and Count

Ever wondered how many people actually tweet your generation's tweet? We did. Just reporting the amount of clicks your link receives isn't enough to determine how successful your campaign was. For every generation with TTR enabled, Spredd.it reports the amount of individuals that actually follow through and tweet your generation's message, versus the amount of people that clicked the link and bailed. We dub these terms, "TTC" (Tweet Through Count) and "TTR" (Tweet Through Rate). To find out more about how this system works, visit our help documentation for TTC and TTR.

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Edit your Tweet

Registered users can modify their tweet after its creation. So if you made a typo, or you decided the tweet you added wasn't really what you wanted people to tweet, you don't have to create a new generation and lose the statistics for it. With a click of a button, you can be editing with ease.